Here are some things you might be wondering...

please drop me a note IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION NOT ANSWERED below!

Our daily routine is kind of boring. What should we do for the session?

I would start by asking what you would be doing if I wasn’t there and suggest that you do that! When I am with your family, I have the luxury of not having to do anything other than observe, laugh and converse. My only responsibility is spot those magic moments and they exist everywhere!

Here are just a few everyday moments that inspire beautiful images:

  • Morning wake-up & snuggles

  • Making/enjoying breakfast together

  • Playing indoors, including art, dress-up & imagintive play

  • Playing outdoors, including catch, tag, pool & playground time

  • Getting a haircut

  • Helping with chores

  • Picnic in the backyard

  • Going out for ice-cream

  • Bathtime, combing hair & brushing teeth

  • Bedtime stories & snuggles

What products do you offer?

Printing your images influences your life in a profound way when you get to see them every day. I partner with an established professional lab to produce beautiful, high-quality prints and albums to treasure and gift to loved ones.  

What should we wear?

While this is completely up to you, here are some recommendations... 

  • Avoid matching each other (ie: jeans and white t-shirts). Instead, focus on outfits that compliment one another in tone and texture.

  • Pastels are the best colors to wear. Other good clothing colors include beige, gray, green, brown and blue. Neutral, soft and earthy colors photograph best.

  • Avoid busy patterns (fine checks, stripes, herringbone, etc), graphics and logos, as they can detract from special moments.

  • Avoid combinations of contrasting light and dark colors such as black and white, dark brown and white or dark blue and white should also not be worn.

  • Solid colors are best.

  • Avoid shiny, sequined or metallic clothing as well as clingy fabrics & low-cut neck-lines.

Of course, ensuring that you are comfortable is most important, so let this be your best guide.

What if someone gets sick just before our session?

Rescheduling is completely understandable for severe weather or illness issues. I will do my best to fit you in as soon as possible.


Cassandra Weiss is a storytelling photographer & videographer. Her style is inspired by documentary and photojournalistic approaches. Bloom Photography services the SW Washington and Portland Metro area, specializing in family, births and brand story business sessions.